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Our Mission
”The Out of Bounders”

Our purpose is threefold

· Firstly, to go outside the Shire to pick up the Shire’s end of the slack that is being held by Elf, Man and Dwarf.

· Second (Perhaps the more important) Bring some measure of the peace we’ve enjoyed here, to those who have thus far given us that peace without reward or remembrance.

· Lastly we must bring the stories and the names of those who have fought or died for us, back to the Shire so that all may know them. We must ensure the honored living and dead are not truly unsung heroes.

I know what you fine Hobbits are saying!!

“Don’t look for trouble and none will look for you!” “Its Big Folk trouble, let them deal with it!”

Well the Big folk are dealing with it. I’ve met other Rangers, as well as other Men, Elves and Dwarves, who have given their blood and very lives to make sure the Shire remains untroubled! But the enemy is powerful and many. How soon until these heroes go to look after their own troubles? The Elves are leaving these shores. The dwarves delve deeper into their mountains. Men alone cannot hold back this tide without help!

We of the Shire have many skills we can bring. Scouting enemy territory, defending innocents, or adding clubs or blades where they are lacking. We can also share what we have with those beyond our bounds. Bring a slice of warm spiced apple pie to a Ranger in Estelidin. Share a pouch of Longbottom leaf with a dwarf who walked out of the wyrm’s maw of Angmar. Lighten the heart of an elf on the late watch with the finest Shire songs! Give these heroes, whom we’ve not seen, a taste of what we enjoy and gladden their hearts in the Dark.

Who we are:
A Mature, Moderate to heavy RP guild based around the precepts and ideas in Lim’s speech above. This is not a military band/militia kin with boot camps, patrols, and such. This is a looser association with a red Linen cloak as our only uniform.

I would like to actually reach out to other kinships in the idea that they are the interactive connection to the static NPCs that we all interact with. I’d like us to become the morale boosters of middle earth. Someone in another kin need’s armor, we make it. Someone needs Dyes our scholars make them. A fellowship need an extra set of hands for a raid, we step in to fill the gap. I’m also interested in perhaps arranging RP events sponsored by the Guild in various places in Middle earth that could use a good cheering up. I’d like us to be allied with as many other Kins as possible.

About Limdalen:
I’ve been an offline roleplayer most of my life but joined LOTRO for a love of Tolkeins world. I'm primarily a solo quester interested in expanding the North American presence on the Laurelin server. I’ve always enjoyed aiding fellow kinmembers with quests, aiding in getting crafting supplies for others to advance, or crafting a low level member a sets of kick a$$ armor. I’m not able to be on every night. If I am on I might just be there for RP or admin purposes on my netbook. Even if I am questing I’m more than willing to assist in whatever quests a member needs. I hope this kin is of interest to others.
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plapete / May 07, 2013
Hey Out of Bounders!!!

I hope to utilise this website for recruitment and for out of game RP. The Forums have been set up as a barracks for these purposes so that even if we are not in the game we can still RP together. Let me know if there's anything I should add. It's still an evolving thing.

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